Labor Law

laboralesIf you have been discriminated against, harassed, fired without cause , or wronged in some other way at their place of work is important to remember that you have rights ! Los Angeles Laywer P.C. was built to help reinforce those rights and ensure that employees receive fair compensation and be rewarded in situations where they have been harmed .

Our firm of labor rights, Los Angeles Laywer P.C. It has grown to include a team of lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants who work tirelessly for the rights of our clients.

If you have been discriminated against or think you may have been discriminated against, call Los Angeles Laywer PC today at 1-800-937-0180 for a free case evaluation.

• Pregnancy Discrimination
• Age Discrimination
• Disability Discrimination
• Racial discrimination
• Religious discrimination
• Discrimination based on sexual orientation
• Sexual gender discrimination

• Implicit and oral contracts
• Breach of contract
• Non-compete clauses

Injustice in the Workplace
• Job Discrimination
• wrongful Termination
• Abuse, fraud or misused of funds
• Disability Compensation
• Worker Wages and Overtime
• Sexual harassment
• Hostile Workplace
• Breaks or Lunch Times
• Pay Vacation
• Shared tips
• Wages Commission